Atlantis is a global developer of renewable energy projects with more than 1,000 megawatts in various stages of development. This includes the world’s flagship tidal stream project, MeyGen, the first phase of which will soon be delivered into commercial operation in Scotland.

Atlantis has commercial and project development teams based in Edinburgh, an operations base located at Nigg Energy Park in Invergordon and our turbine and engineering services division is located in Bristol, England. Atlantis is quoted on the London AIM Stock Exchange (ticker ARL:LN) and currently employs over 50 experienced staff.

Our core business is to develop, finance, construct and operate large scale, renewable energy projects in the United Kingdom, Europe, North America, Asia and emerging markets. We deliver world class renewable project development strategies using our internationally renowned transaction team. We also have a turbine and engineering services division, which designs, supplies and maintains world leading tidal turbines and subsea connection equipment.

Our partnership with the Scottish Government through their Renewable Energy Investment Fund (“REIF”) is a great example of how we partner with governments – utilities and large corporations to deliver world leading projects, on time, safely and on budget.

Atlantis is pioneering the development and operation of marine power projects, creating a new asset class of predictable, unobtrusive, reliable energy generation.  In essence, we deliver exceptional projects and rely on a very clever and dedicated group of people to overcome engineering challenges and just make things happen. The heritage of Atlantis stems back more than a decade when a group of dedicated engineers decided to design turbines that could efficiently harness the power of the moon. In 2006, Atlantis teamed up with Morgan Stanley (commodities) to drive the development of commercial scale tidal power projects from concept to construction. In 2014, Atlantis partnered with Scottish Enterprise, the Department of Energy and Climate Change, the Crown Estate and Highland and Islands Enterprise to deliver the world’s first multi turbine array, MeyGen Phase 1A.

Governments look at our unrivalled experience in tidal power project development in Scotland and know they are in safe hands.  Our proven ability to put all the elements of development in place, from consent to construction to operation means they can rely on us to guarantee delivery.  To safely and successfully unlock the sustainable energy sources that will transform local economies.

Local partners are reassured by our international experience, our resources and our commitment to local communities.  They trust us to bring their projects from concept to reality.

Investors look at our achievements, industry foresight, thought leadership and the world-class traction team and gain confidence from our track record.  We give them unparalleled access and early entry into one of the world’s most rapidly growing and exciting new power markets – tidal power.

We develop, finance and build large-scale tidal power projects. Then we sell the assets to organisations looking for guaranteed long-term revenues.

As we progress through the development process, the value of an asset increases as the risk decreases. Our strength lies in the systematic de-risking of the project and the flexibility we offer the ultimate owners of the asset. They can choose to come on board at any time, depending on their risk-reward appetite. That could be at the late-stage development, financial close, construction or operation.

Our projects are typically backed by long-term power purchase agreements and tidal power is very, very predictable. Therefore, our investors have the assurance that cash flowing from the operational power plant will satisfy their on-going commercial needs.

We also specialise in partnering with large corporations wanting to invest in renewable energy. We have a long-term partnership with Equitix who will rely on our expertise to operate and maintain assets that they purchase from Atlantis in the future.